Who Is Big Al?

Big Al is real. That means that he is far from perfect, though he has a truly loving heart deep down.

Like all of us, sometimes Big Al struggles to be loving and true. Other times, Big Al inspires us beautifully by how he lives and by the decisions he makes.

Fr. Joe and Big Al first met several years ago when they were invited to work together on a special video project. The  

video, called “No One Cries the Wrong Way,” provides a loving look at where God is to be found when we bury a loved one or suffer some other kind of loss. Since Big Al and Fr. Joe both share a special love for people who are hurting, it was natural that they would work on this project together. They have been friends ever since.

A few things to know about Big Al:

Favorite snack: Popcorn and soda

Sports team he cheers most for: St. Louis Baseball Cardinals

Favorite color: Blue

Best friend: Fr. Joe

Most annoying friend: Fr. Joe

Most often used word: “Cool”

What he wants to be when he grows up: This changes pretty often

Food he likes least: Lima beans

Favorite sport to play: Soccer

Best advice: “Stay loving”