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​​       Fr.. Joe answers children’s questions on different topics. 

      These letters can be found in each edition of Living Faith for Kids.

​Dear Father Joe,
       Life seems harder than it should be.  Why? 
- James

Dear James – 

You are not alone.  When I was growing up I had always assumed life should be easier than it was.  No one ever told me, “Life is hard,” but it is.  Because we are human; because we live in an imperfect world; and because no one makes good choices all the time; we will suffer.  Yes, there are many blessings in life; we each have so much to be grateful for. But for everyone, life is sometimes difficult.  And sometimes, the pain is immense.

It is good, however, to remember that suffering is not God’s idea.  Some people say things that suggest that suffering must be God’s fault.  It is not. Yes, God is there in the bad times to help bring good out of them. But suffering is never God’s idea.
And this is one of the most amazing things of all: God can bring good from anything!  It might not be the blessing we hoped for, or the exact thing we wanted. But, because God so loves us, God can work a new good from anysuffering we face.

In good times and in bad, there is a Love that is always around us and always IN us.  Yes, life is hard.  Our promise is that God understands … and will always be there to help us find a way.

In Christ,
Fr. Joe

Dear Father Joe
Sometimes I feel jealous of my Friends. What should I do?
Thank you,


Dear Gabriela,

Feelings, in themselves, are neither good nor bad, even the unpleasant ones. But our feelings can teach us about how we think about life, sometimes in ways we don’t even realize at first.  For example, if we feel jealousy or envy, we might be thinking that the blessings someone else has takes something away from us.  But this is NOT how it is in the way of love and goodness.  The blessings that truly matter are like candlelight: the more others have, the more light there is in the world—and that takes NOTHING away from us.

As with all feelings, I think the first thing to do is to name it for ourselves:  “I feel jealous.”  Then I suggest these two things: First, we need to remind ourselves that - when one person is blessed - it takes nothing away from us.  In that moment we already have what we need to be okay just like we are.  Then we would do well to look at our own blessings, and practice being grateful.  

For me - the more I practice being grateful – the more I realize how much I have to be grateful for, and the less I find myself feeling jealous.  And there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for.  

In Christ,
Fr. Joe


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