The mission of Gospel Values, Inc., to proclaim the message of Jesus happens with your help. Every time you share one of the books or open your heart to the message in one of Fr. Joe's homilies, videos, books, or presentations you have become a part of "feeding hungry children" and sharing the love of Jesus with the world. In addition to the immediate effect of sharing Jesus' love with those you encounter, the longer term effect of purchasing one of the products from Gospel Values or one of our publishers adds to the donation we are able to make to organizations like Growing Hope Globally.

Gospel Values Proceeds Lift Families Out of Hunger

Profits from our books are donated to Growing Hope Globally. As a Christian response to hunger, Growing Hope Globally raises money to help families in the poorest regions of the world to grow their own food. This creates lasting solutions to hunger since families not only have enough to eat, they also learn how to market and sell their abundance to earn an income. In addition, families receive training on nutrition, hygiene, water conservation and more.
The benefits to children in these communities include:
 Reducing or eliminating malnutrition by improving their bodies’ ability to absorb nutrients;
 Eliminating parasitic diseases through hygiene instruction, improved family/village sanitation, and water treatment;
 Increasing parents' income to pay for education, uniforms, supplies and better housing;
 Learning about agriculture, animal husbandry, nutrition and sanitation with an eye to their own futures;
 Turing farming into a viable livelihood, encouraging older children to stay on the farm rather than move to the cities or migrate away from family and established community support.

Visit Growing Hope Globally Website for more information on how FRB works continually to reduce world hunger.

Reducing World Hunger with Growing Hope Globally.

Gospel Values is proud to share the Growing Hope Globally mission of feeding hungry children.

CHECK OUT Gospel Values books, DVDs, and more!

The DVDs in the Big Al – Live! series which have been designed to invite children ages 2 to 102 to live and love as Jesus did, and so to know the life Jesus promises.

Father Joe has published four prayer books for children entitled:  My Sister is Annoying…and Other Prayers for Children; You Want Me to Be Good, ALL DAY?Don’t Drink the Holy WaterBig Al and Annie Go To Mass; and Sometimes Life is Just Not Fair. (Sometimes Life Is Just Not Fair helps children by its focus on the death of a loved one, life after death and grief. This book also has a section for parents and teachers about how to talk with children about these crucial life-issues). 

In each of these books there are wonderful prayers for children and for those who love them.  In addition three of the books include a read-along CD which features conversations with Big Al, Annie, and Father Joe.  Don’t Drink the Holy Water comes with an engaging DVD highlighting the different parts of the Mass.  Whatever your age, it’s hard to read these brief and beautiful prayers and NOT be moved.

Also, Big Al and Annie and Father Joe collaborated with Cathy Pescarino for a beautiful CD and book of wonderfully inspirational lullabies called:  Faith-Filled Lullabies with Big Al and Annie

In addition to his earlier works on Sacraments, recently Fr. Joe re-did his classic A Child’s First Communion to include the best of that video; a visit from a now ‘grown-up” Adam; and materials for parent meetings and children’s sessions. It is called A Child’s First Communion – and So Much More.

Father Joe has also written books, CDs, and DVDs just for adults.  They include the book: No One Cries the Wrong Way: Seeing God Through Tearsand the guided meditation CD:  Hearing the Voice of God: Reflections for Prayer and Perspective, which includes short meditations that touch on various aspects of our daily lives.  Fr Joe also has created two four-part Mini-Retreat DVDs, Family: God in the Mix of It All and Catechists: God’s Call to Speak about our Faith to inspire and help with these beautiful – and difficult – callings.

The Gospel Values Board members volunteer their time and gifts to helping Fr. Joe create new products, attend gatherings like LAREC, and ensure that all the profits of Gospel Values' endeavors go toward "feeding hungry children." The board members and Fr. Joe are grateful for your support. You are always in our prayers!

About Gospel Values

By how he lived – and by how he died – Jesus showed us the way to be truly alive and free. Gospel Values, Inc. exists for the sole purpose of proclaiming the beautiful message of Jesus in all its simplicity and challenge.

For children aged 2-102

Hope in the tough times
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