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In this deeply personal and encouraging book, best-selling author and beloved pastor Fr. Joe Kempf takes an honest look at the complexities of forgiveness. With Fr. Joe’s signature heart and humor, he gently reminds us that “Forgiveness is not optional for those who want a joy-filled, meaningful life. It is essential to our souls; it is the heart of truly holy and happy living.”

Filled with stories of real-life situations of hurt and betrayal, Fr. Joe asks the difficult questions about what it takes to truly forgive someone, and when and how to give ourselves the space to heal in the arms of our loving God. When the heartaches come, these reflections, prayers, and stories will help guide us toward the life-changing power of following Jesus beyond the cross to forgiveness and new life.Type your paragraph here.

       Some days we feel sad and maybe alone. It might be one of the most amazing things of all, but God can bring good from anything! It might be the cure we hoped for, or the exact thing we wanted. But because God so loves us, and is always with us, God can work a new good from any suffering we face..
       This prayer is from Fr. Joe and Big Al, in a book called Sometimes Life is Just Not Fair. Often, the new good the the Holy Spirit brings about is inside us. Sometimes it is in the difficult days that we let ourselves be more open to Love, and to becoming more like God. Many people will tell you that the suffering they experienced helped them understand more how to care for others who are sad or hurting. And certainly WE are often part of the answer to someone else's prayer.

So Many Things Are Different Now

Loving Father, hear my prayer.
I don’t know what to do.
Many things are different now.
I really do need You.

So much is sad and scary.
I don’t like this at all.
You ask me to be brave, dear God,
But what I feel is small.
I know You don’t fix everything
Or keep all harm away.
Instead, I know You help us, God:
You help us find a way.

When life is hard You hold us close.
You work through others, too.
Things might not be the way they were,
But you make something new.

by Fr. Joe and Big Al 
Sometimes Life is Just Not Fair, Copyright 2013, Gospel Values

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