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These are real questions submitted to Fr. Joe from children. Please, check back every month for a new question with an answer from Fr. Joe.

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                  Here’s one for today:

Dear Father Joe
          How do you know if someone is being a BULLY?


       Each of us needs to ask ourselves whether or not our words are being hurtful.  When I tease, can people tell I love them? Do I use my power to cause pain?   Do I include people who seem different than me? When someone is picked on do I do anything to stop the bullying?  Do I join in? Am I aware of the pain I might cause, and do I care about that?  
        Our answers to these questions help indicate whether or not we might already be a bully, or might be on the way to becoming one. 
       Being bullied is horrible.  Being a bully is horrible.  We can't always keep ourselves from being a target of bullying.  But we are the only ones who can keep ourselves from being a bully.
       Jesus always stood with the underdog.  Me? I want to be like Jesus, and be on the side of those who are sometimes picked-on or left out.   
       If you are being bullied, I am sorry. Please know that Jesus has a special place in his heart for you.  Jesus was himself a target of bullies.  And, like Jesus, it is important that you do what you can to not become a vengeful person yourself.  
       If you get picked on or bullied, please talk to someone you trust.  Get some support.  And remember, you have a dignity and goodness that no one can take from you.  You do indeed have a special place in the heart of Jesus.
In Christ,
Fr. Joe

Dear Father Joe
        Am I different because I am adopted?

Dear Trinh –
     Once a teacher told me something she heard at recess. Several students were looking at the church picture-book with all of its family photos.  They noticed a family where all in the family had blond hair except for one little boy whose skin and hair color were both dark.  “He must be adopted,” one said. Someone asked, “What does that mean?” One little girl answered, “I know what that means because I was adopted.  It means that ‘I grew in my mommy’s heart instead of in her tummy’.”   
     That little girl understands the love behind adoption. A person who is adopted had someone who loved them enough to take them into their own home and heart to make sure that they knew that they were loved and safe.
     Such is the love in the heart of God. The Bible says we are EACH adopted and beloved children of God. As members of God’s family, part of our job is to look out for each other, and to make sure that all people know this kind of love!
     Trinh, you are just like me; like the other students in your class; like God’s people of every race, language and way of life. On one level, we are each wonderfully different. But in all the things that matter most deeply, we are much more alike than different. We are each precious children of God, called to love this world and ALL God’s children.

      In Christ,

      Fr. Joe


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