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Here’s one for today:

Where does God live?
- Hector

Dear Hector –
     Once, when I asked a group of first graders the question “Where does God live?” they gave such answers as: in Church; in nature; in Heaven; and in our hearts. Though I would not disagree, I would answer that question with another question: “Tell me someplace God does NOT live.”
     The truth is that God has made a home everywhere!  There is no place we could go that God is not already there. There is nothing we could ever experience, no situation we could find ourselves in, that is not already filled with God.
     What prayer is all about is becoming present to God who is always and everywhere present to us. That means we can pray anywhere: outdoors, indoors, standing, kneeling, sitting, even on a bicycle! We can meet God anytime and in any thing: in friendships and laughter, in sadness and tears.
     Of course, no one can always be aware of the presence of God. Sadly, we can even walk through most our days without ever realizing we are in the presence of God.  That’s why it is important that we practice becoming aware. As we do so, we learn the answer to the question “Where does God live?” for every place, every moment is filled with God.
In Christ,
Fr. Joe

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