My Friend told me about Big Al. Who is he?

What makes Big Al special? Children (from age 2-102) easily identify with Big Al because of his humor and his honesty. Big Al often puts words on what we all think or feel.

 In some instances, he doesn’t understand the message of Jesus. At other times, he knows what Jesus asks, but is hesitant to do the right thing because it is hard. And sometimes Big Al loves so wonderfully that he inspires us all. Big Al provides a way for children of every age to see – and live – the beautiful values of Jesus in their own lives!

Will I be able to watch Big Al on TV?

Yes! You can see Big Al LIVE segments on EWTN every Tuesday at 4:20pm Central Standard Time.

Where is Big Al available?

Follow this link to see more about Big Al products: Products

Where did Big Al come from?

Big Al and Fr. Joe have been buddies for a long time. Big Al first came to St. Louis several years ago to work with Fr. Joe on a video to help people find God in the midst of suffering. Because of Fr. Joe’s and Big Al’s special love for people who are hurting, it was natural that – together – they would continue spreading the simple message of Jesus to children all over the world!

How many products do you have?

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Can I tell you what I think about Big Al?

We would love to hear what you think! Please click here and give us your feedback. Testimonials

Are the messages in the Big Al LIVE DVDs good to use for educational purposes?

YES! The segments in each of the Big Al LIVE DVDs have been correlated with the Church’s Lectionary Year. Some Parochial Schools, P.S.R. (C.C.D) Programs and Home-schoolers use them as part of their religion curriculum.

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